More problems with Arriva

Simms Let
Simms Let

Today I planned to travel from Sleights to Whitby on the Arriva 95 bus at 1.08pm from Sleights Post Office, and to return on the 2.50pm bus from Whitby.

The 1.08pm bus arrived at 1.19pm (ticket enclosed) - Not too bad, except that some people at the shop had been waiting since the non-arrival of the 12.38pm bus.

I joined a lengthy queue in Whitby Bus Station at 2.45pm, ready for the 2.50pm bus to Sleights.

As my enclosed ticket shows, it was 3.15pm when a Sleights bus eventually became available.

The queue included people of all ages, and some visitors to the area as well as locals.

I doubt if I was the only person for whom the standing in line so long was agonisingly painful.

To add further insult, when the bus did set off, some passengers had to stand.

Problems with Arriva services on and around Whitby are very long standing and Sleights passengers seem to fare worse than most.

By now I thought Arriva buses would have applied their considerable managerial skills to analysing the causes of these serious and frequent break downs in service to the public - and then to resolving them.

None of this is the drivers fault - they are a splendid group of men and women, doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Arriva hide behind telephone numbers and e mail addresses - I would be grateful therefore if you would kindly forward a copy of this letter to them. Their replies could be most interesting.

Dorothy Simms, Selstone Crescent, Sleights