More intelligent questions

The “confusion” about the geographical ring fencing of jobs at the new Sainsbury’s store, seems to have masked a telling admission. All jobs are valuable at the present time, however in their response to the Gazette when the subject was first raised, Sainsbury’s spokesperson is quoted as saying that the situation had arisen and competition was fierce, due to there being… few full time jobs. Well, surprise, surprise.

No doubt when Sainsbury’s were bidding for their planning permission to SBC they stated that there would be huge benefit to the community by dint of creating “hundreds” of jobs. SBC Planning Committee in their customary naïve or knave manner swallowed this at its face value.

Will they ever learn, or perhaps it suits the powers that be at SBC not to learn?

The same scenario comes into play when they are approached by their tame developers, itching to destroy another part of Whitby, in relation to the number of “affordable” dwellings that will be built… very few in reality, while the developers seem to have carte blanche to fill their pockets.

One day someone, (other than Whitby Town Council, who do try, but whose opinions are consistently ignored by SBC), will ask some telling and intelligent questions. For a start how much full time employment will be achieved? How many casual and part time hours? The full time equivalent will undoubtedly be about one third of the number they quote in their application.

John McEachen, Aislaby by email