More events news please

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I was expressing my views of the under promotion of the Whitby Regatta by the Whitby Gazette whilst at the Mallyon Spout on Sunday when one of my lunch colleagues (a delightful woman) suggested that I should write you regarding these.

On Friday 10 August the only mention of the regatta was that the regatta queen had been chosen.

On Friday the 17 August an advert on page five said that there was to be games and fun on archery green after the Red arrows at 12.15pm.

You did mention a week earlier that the RAF Red devils parachute regiment were dropping in at the Abbey (you got the time wrong so we missed that).

On Saturday 18 August I was in Hinderwell/Staithes which was crawling with holiday makers. I called at the post office asked Mike (are you going to see the red arrows tomorrow?) four customers asked where and when so I told them. It was the same when I met the local builder in the street, hi Colin. Two people asked for details, then the butcher in his shop, Hi Richard. Four people asked the question, Staithes Coop, I asked Freda if she was going, everybody in the queue wanted to know when the Arrows were on and where.

I felt as if I was working for the Whitby Tourist Board.

So think of this, all in all I informed say 22 families, each family 2.4 children say 100 persons each contributing 20 car park fees at £6, plus 100 ice creams plus 100 fish and chips, plus £5 misc, so in about half an hour I was responsible for putting £1,500 into the Whitby tourist trade.

So come on Whitby Gazette as well a giving us news of events that happened a week ago, tell us of events that are going to happen.

You can’t rely on regatta programmes that are only available in the town centre.

The Whitby Gazette represents a wide area (they even sell it in Middlesbrough) so compare it to the London Evening Standard and how they promoted the games - and that papers free.

Roly Allgood, Ellerby by email