More dog mess

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Regarding your reader’s comments on dog mess in Larpool Lane, it’s not the only area where this is happening.

We have some culprits in the Holly Tree Court vicinity.

One person was seen dragging his dog the length of Abbeville on footpaths leading to Holly Tree Court, it was dropping it’s mess right up the pavement, outside people’s gates and this I was told in the day time.

Also they had the cheek to let this happen in my garden near my washing line, as the same dog was seen off the lead near my garden.

I am keeping a look out now and at night and if I see this person I won’t hesitate to report it.

If the dog warden was round here at night they would make a fortune in fines.

I think something more stricter should be done about it soon.

Mrs M Liddle, Holly Tree Court, Whitby.