Missing Cat Appeal

Missing Cat
Missing Cat

Dear Whitby Gazette Readers

I am writing to tell you about my cat who has been missing since early Wednesday 6 June.

He is a massive, friendly, gentle, long haired black cat who does lots of funny things.

He is a special cat who is always in the middle of everything we do - he never went further than the neighbours houses.

Every night he would go to bed with me and in the morning he would wake us up to get his breakfast.

He always cheered me up if I was poorly or sad and was better than a hot water bottle in the winter.

He would never be unhappy and would be getting in to mischief ‘helping’ us around the house.

If you wanted to sit down somewhere he would always beat you there.

He would always come running to greet us when we got home, he would never bite or scratch us. He is more than a best friend.

He would never hurt a fly or a bird, he is too clumsy to catch one.

He Liked to watch the TV with us, he joined in everything by lying down on top of whatever we were doing like a board game or jigsaw.

If we were on the computer he would walk across the keyboard and send messages to people on Facebook and he even bid on ebay once.

When we went away he tried to get in the car because he didn’t want us to leave him behind. Sometimes I think he doesn’t know he is a cat - he thinks he is king of our house.

I am missing him very much and so is everyone else, I would like to ask you if you have seen Him anywhere?

We live near the Rugby Club but he could have got a long way away by now.

If you do live in that area perhaps you could check your outbuildings.

Also my mum has been trying to find him and we don’t think he has been knocked over but we found out that some other cats have gone missing near us and two other black cats at about the same time as well.

Thank you

Michael, Age 11 by email