Misleading comment

Thank you for your coverage of last Tuesday’s parade in the Whitby Gazette, 22 July.

The wrap-around front and back page format was quite spectacular!

However, your editor’s comment is somewhat misleading. You say that the event was organised by Scarborough Borough Council and Whitby Town Council but this is not in fact accurate. Although Scarborough Borough Council was very helpful, they were not involved in the organisation which was actually done jointly by Whitby Town Council and the Yorkshire Regiment.

This point made, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the town’s people of Whitby and the trades’ people who gave so generously to make this event the success it was.

The crowds who lined the streets and the schoolchildren who waved and cheered gave the troops a tremendous boost and a send off that many of them told me would stay with them when they deploy.

John Freeman, Whitby Mayor, by email