Mine head location

I feel I must take issue with last week’s letter from John Simpson of Barrow in Furness, expressing his opinion as to where he believes the mine head for the new potash mine should be located.

He appears to suggest the mine head should be located close to Whitby.

However, before dealing with that matter, I must flatly take issue with the Whitby Gazette itself.

The location of the mine head is an issue which affects this town and the surrounding countryside for generations to come.

To add any validity to the debate, surely the Gazette should be seeking the views of people living locally and not printing the views of someone living in Barrow in Furness or elsewhere.

This is a local issue with profound effects on the town and surrounding area for a very long time.

Turning to the real matter at issue, Whitby is situated in a national park, the status of which is achieved by (a) its natural beautiful landscape, and (b) the intention to preserve that natural landscape for future generations.

Siting an ugly mine head on the landscape breaches both those objectives.

From my understanding the potash reserves stretch as far south as Bridlington.

Surely a remote site can be found somewhere between Whitby and Bridlington away from this and any other town, village or hamlet?

Locating the mine head as suggested by Mr Simpson would leave an ugly mark on the landscape not only destroying the natural beauty of the landscape, but also would have a highly detrimental effect on our main industry, tourism and would cost many jobs.

David Page, Rosedale Close, Whitby