Memorial Hospital should be preserved

as long since as I can remember, the hospital has always been called Whitby War Memorial Cottage Hospital.

It was a memorial to those who gave their lives serving their country, that we who are living here today may enjoy life.

A memorial is not something that should be destroyed, but it should be looked after. This memorial is a beautiful place, with facilities to care for a number of people who may not able to look after them selves or who could have a minor operation or who have just had an operation and need special care for a number of weeks.

How easy it must be to see six people in a ward, at say 8am in the morning, it would be impossible to travel round the district to do the same thing and care for them in the same way.

There was talk of moving the hospital, there is nothing wrong with it where it is. It would cost a lot of money to build a new one.

A lot more thought should be put into running and preserving this memorial, years may fly past, but this is still a memorial and should be treated as one for the very reason it was built, rather than trying to find ways of running it down, and closing it down.

Finding new ways of doing everything should be concentrated on the memorial hospital to preserve it.

Yeoman Williamson, Front Street, Grosmont by email.