Maintenance row over historic bridge

Bravo Mr Whitlock in bringing to public notice the situation regarding the grade two listed Dalehouse Bridge and its place as a very historic monument.

It is our heritage after all. As a girl in the 1940s, along with my siblings and friends we often walked from Staithes to Dalehouse and crossed the bridge many times.

We also played along the beck and under the bridge. I remember we loved to read the inscription etched along the east side of the bridge. On one side it read ‘Here endeth the parish of Hinderwell’ and on the opposite side, ‘Here endeth the parish of Easington’. Can’t be clearer than that. Now as Easington is in the Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council area and Hinderwell is in the Scarborough Borough Council area, wouldn’t it be conducive to confer and jointly work together towards the repair. Surely to bring in a surveyor and share the ultimate cost of repair evenly. Or is this too much to ask?

It just takes common sense and a working, sharing responsibility. After all, two brains working together are better than one, or so I have always been lead to believe.

It grieves me to think that two local authorities can’t find common ground to work together to save this ancient memorial to the past. Surely the national parks can put some pressure on these two councils the necessity to move quickly. To come together to seek funding if necessary, because if left any longer the situation can only get worse and this piece of our heritage may be lost forever.

Winifred Craig, Cliff Road, Staithes