Low impact green energy

It is good to know that when there is something new planned for the beautiful Esk Valley that there are people ready to examine it.

These days asking the company involved in its development might not always seem a good idea. However, the team who thought up the hydroelectric scheme at Ruswarp did so because they live here and care about the environment too, not just now but for the future.

Throughout they have worked closely with the North York Moors National Park, the Environment Agency and the Angling Community (REAC).

The small scale turbine is fish friendly and the fish pass will be vastly improved.

The company clearly points out in their brochure that any investment would be social rather than financial.

I am glad Mr Bates brought attention to the scheme. The headline was very alarming. I am sure Whitby Esk Energy can put the record straight.

I am no expert - just a supporter of the environment and carefully planned low impact green energy.

Angela Walton, Harrowing Drive, Whitby.