Lost irony

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my previous letter about town councillor Parkes’ eight foot (or was it nine?) alien mother was given a serious reply in your letters page (11 May).

My scintillating irony (or was it sarcasm, it’s such a fine line) was obviously lost on your correspondent so I’ll make a serious point less subtly.

It’s the likes of town cllr Parkes who are taking decisions on our behalf about our town.

The saving grace is that Whitby Town Council has no meaningful power or authority otherwise our prisons would be full of those who fed the gulls.

And, as the Gazette has still not clarified the matter, I’m going to have to buy the fella’s book to find out the true height of his alien mother.

I will of course wait until it appears in the Oxfam shop.

Geoff Atkinson, Newholm by email