Looking for relatives of AW Bolton

I wonder if there are any of your readers who may be able to help me find any relatives of one AW Bolton who was awarded a Victory Medal for services in World War 1.

He held the rank of sergeant in the East York Regiment and his number on the rim of the medal would suggest that he may have been in a Territorial Force Battalion.

He should have had at least one other medal as I am informed the Victory Medal was never awarded singly and he would also have qualified for the British War Medal.

We have tried various websites with no luck and he doesn’t seem to be listed in the war Graves website. Though that doesn’t mean anything. Also we have no idea where he came from to have been enlisted in the East York Regiment.

The medal was found when sifting through my late father-in-law’s possessions and we had wondered if AW Bolton was in some way related to the Clough family from York, but again this has drawn a blank.

I feel I have no right to hold on to the medal and would like to return it to AW Bolton’s family if they could be found.

Hence my appeal to Yorkshire Newspaper readers who may just be able to help.

Mrs SR Clough, 6 Milford Lane, Whitleigh, Plymouth, Devon PL5 4JN, email twoconfused@blueyonder.co.uk