Looking for Ammonites car sticker

I am disappointed that I have not been able to buy a car sticker showing Whitby’s Arms of Three Ammonites.

I have tried everywhere. The local Tourist Office only sells White Rose stickers, a marketing device promoting the Yorkshire Tourist Board, not Whitby.

I am proud of our town and its individual character so I want to display the town’s arms and not a YTB marketing campaign.

Your paper shows the Three Ammonites as part of its logo but these “arms” are not now available in Whitby as a car sticker.

I want to be able to sell Whitby when me and my car are in other parts of the country, but unless I have missed somewhere car stickers showing Whitby’s Three Ammonites cannot be bought anywhere!

Whitby should be proud of it’s heritage and its Arms showing St Hilda’s legend of turning snakes into stone.

Why is no one promoting Whitby in this simple and cheap way?

William Foster, The Valley, Sandsend