Local problems require local solutions

As long term and regular visitors to Whitby (four times this year), we’re both concerned by the scant regard paid by Scarborough Borough Council to the state of the west pier and its delay in addressing the situation.

That there has been some action and/or promise of action suggests that there were funds available for the repairs. The question then is why it’s taken so long to get around to it.

In previous issues of the Gazette, as well as in this Tuesday’s edition, articles on the West Pier situation have featured people who, apparently independent of each other, appear to imply that there is a conspiracy against Whitby: truth or paranoia? we can’t say.

But what this raises for us is the bigger concern of why Whitby, by our and others’ perception, a town of distinct and individual identity, has its destiny controlled by what could be perceived to be a rival resort. It strikes us that if that rivalry is in place, then it presents a conflict of interests, which would fuel notions of conspiracy.

Therefore, Whitby, as a distinct community of its own, should have a greater degree of autonomy and as such be in control of how it deals with its own difficulties.

Both me and my wife have worked for national organisations, but always held the belief that local problems require local solutions, irrespective of national policy; we both know through experience how frustrating, challenging and stressful it is to stand and live by that belief.

We intend to continue to visit Whitby for as long as we are fit and able to do so. We hope Whitby can, in the long term, see itself fit and able to stand up for itself and devolve itself from SBC control.

Phil and Sally Bilzon, Cotgrave, Nottingham by email