LOCAL HOUSING: Losing next generation

I love Whitby but I despair at its housing policy – or lack of.

A council placing no limit on the percentage of homes allowed as holiday lets is asking for trouble.

A ‘free market’ – ie highest bidders only – results in locals priced out of their own home town and pushed further and further away, fragmenting communities, losing the next generation as there’s no affordable housing to rent or buy.

It’s morally wrong and it’s also bad for the whole town – profit for a rich few at the expense of too many.

I’m not against tourism and I love visiting Whitby, but there needs to be a healthy balance, not the present nasty situation.

The problem’s been rumbling on for years now, yet your council still hasn’t addressed the issue?

A terrible shame for Whitby.

Ms Amy Withenshaw,

Canklow Road,