Litter fines needed

While walking up Flowergate today when I got to the Reformed Church, a stack of rubbish caught my eye over the wall at the side of the church (God’s Holy ground).

There were beer bottles, fish and chip cartons and even uneaten food (rat catchers).

This is not the first time I have seen rubbish there and also at other churches, for instance St John’s in Baxtergate is always left like a tip, left with old food on the steps and also thrown into the ground round the side.

I’ve seen people trying their best to keep these places respectable and yet we have got people with no respect whatsoever and are too lazy to even place their own rubbish in a bin which is provided there for them.

What is needed is inspectors not dressed up in uniforms, but just ordinary clothes handing on the spot litter fines

Jean Thornton, Church Street, Whitby