Link would endanger historic railway?

This article left me just a bit confused.

I find it mind boggling that the NYMR would be against reconnecting the rail link between Pickering and Malton.

As well as been a great benefit to the town and surrounding area it would help secure their future for many years.

I can only assume that Philip Benham is more concerned about losing his little power base then providing a service to the people of Whitby and North York Moors.

As for Robert Goodwill MP for someone who is supposedly an expert in transport he seems to be very poorly informed. There isn’t a supermarket any where near the route between Pickering and Malton and the journey time would be far quicker than the bus.

At its slowest it would take just over two hours and if the improvements were made on the line owned by NYMR then the journey time between Whitby and York would be roughly one hour and 30 minutes.

It seems to me that everybody would benefit from reconnecting the link and I urge everyone to go on line and sign councillor Trumper’s petition.

Lily Crawford, British Rail retired, Whitby by email