Lighthouse repairs

Well, surprise surprise!

The Whitby Gazette informs us that no lighthouse repairs are on the horizon.

Before any repairs are done the Scarborough Borough Council has let it be known that the piers must first be repaired (God knows when that will happen – obviously mere mortals who reside in Whitby and grumpy old men like me who still love their old home town whilst living on the other side of the world don’t have the prescience possessed by the SBC).

It’s really reassuring that a new door will be provided for the East Pier Lighthouse. The structures can fall down but at least one of them will have a nice new door!

Now we know what the Scarborough Borough Council stands for. The operative word being Scarborough.

Yours grumpily

Stephen N McCabe, a Whitby lad at heart, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia by email