Letters: Whitby’s big poll - careful what you wish for!

Pannett Art Gallery in Whitby.'picture: Duncan Atkins
Pannett Art Gallery in Whitby.'picture: Duncan Atkins

Re Whitby’s big poll: I worked for a local government borough council in the 1950s through to the 1990s, and I agree with Mr Goodwill MP that it would take more than local votes to change the electoral boundary.

As far as I know, it involves applications to the Local Government Commission for England and the Secretary of State.

The Government has better things to do at the moment.

The town council should take on more responsibility for local powers as suggested by Mr Goodwill and accept his help.

It would mean employing officers to run and supervise certain areas, but the town council would be in control.

Some taxes would need to be transferred from Scarborough Council to Whitby to pay for increased costs and we would still need North Yorkshire County Council for the wider infrastructure.

At the moment, we contribute taxes to three authorities but if we joined Teesside, we would be one of six authorities including Middlesbrough.

I have lived in a similar area and paid more council tax for less services to provide for town regeneration and development, combating crime and vandalism, refuse disposal, littering, policing and all that the North Yorkshire County Council do now.

It is a different type of local government authority and covers every aspect of council expenditure.

I also had to pay twice as much for house, car and life insurance due to a higher rate of crime.

We would be an asset to Teesside, but would they be an asset to us?

Be careful what you wish for.

Scarborough Council has its faults and many of us are not at all happy with the lack of accountability and its selfish ways; so we need to take more control of our town including the use of our harbour.

The town council seems to have no voice to stand up against Scarborough Council, but running away will not solve the problem.

Accept help when it’s offered.

If we have to vote, we should have more than one option. I am Yorkshire-born and bred and do not want to end my life as a resident of Teesside.

E Blagboro

Dunsley Crescent