Letters: Whitby residents pay higher tax bills than London millionaires

Residents can expect a soar in their council tax bill.
Residents can expect a soar in their council tax bill.

In a few weeks we will be getting our next council tax bills through our letter boxes, we are told they are going to rise.

It seems in Whitby we are paying a greater amount than many more places in the country that are more affluent than Whitby, with far better facilities and infrastructure.

Why do we pay so much and get so little in return?

In Whitby we no longer have a council office, pavements are in a poor state, public toilets we have to pay for, a few examples.

It seems the ethos in Whitby is more for less.

Below are a few Band B example costs from around the country, these are for current financial year and make interesting reading. I got the figures off the internet.

Whitby Band B £1,339

Brighton and Hove Band B £1,325

City of London Band B £724

Lewisham Band B £1,118

Newquay Band B £1,310

Borough of Poole Band B £1,233

Carlisle Band B £1,325

I would like to know why there is so little investment in the north and particularly Whitby.

I have emailed our MP, but at time of writing this letter no reply yet, no doubt will be fobbed off with some excuses.

We pay more and get less return, why is this?

Whitby and Scarborough have some of the lowest wages in the country, yet pay higher council tax bills than places where millionaires live, ie centre of London.

Please people of Whitby wake up to what is happening, ask why we are paying so much for so little return.

Ian Dixon

Fishburn Road