Letters: Whitby harbour repairs 'vital'

Whitby harbour
Whitby harbour

The ongoing battle over when work to repair Whitby’s piers should start should have been resolved years ago.

My understanding is that money raised from Whitby Harbour land must be spent on Whitby’s harbour facilities and maintenance.

Pier repairs and harbour dredging are prime examples.

The large marina car park, built on reclaimed harbour land, generates more than £750,000 and has done for several years.

Scarborough Borough Council’s argument that there is no money for pier repairs is clearly nonsense.

They have already had the money but have used it as general funds and not on Whitby Harbour. Very wrong behaviour.

Whitby Harbour income could also have helped keep the Tourist Information Centre open at Dock End.

The centre is moving to the Harbour Office on Saturday October 8, six days later than originally planned.

Fight4Whitby plans to say farewell to the Dock End location on Saturday October 8 at noon. We do hope lots of people will join us.

Sandra Smith
Esk Terrace