Letters: Warning on ticket machine

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My wife and I have been booking holiday cottages in Whitby for many years now and although parking is sometimes difficult, we have always managed without any problems.

This time has been somewhat more fraught. We booked a cottage on Silver Street and when we arrived, the road was obviously too narrow to park so my intention was to park in the car park just along the road for a couple of hours.

This would allow us to unload our car and find more ‘long-term’ parking.

After trying a number of times to buy a ticket, I realised that the machine was out of order. I allowed the people behind me in the queue to try but they met with the same problem.

We decided that we had better not stay in case we were booked for not having a ticket so we moved the car.

Three days after our holiday in Whitby, we received a parking notice from Smart Parking, stating that we had been photographed entering and leaving the car park and had been there for 16 minutes.

The attached invoice is for £100 to which I have appealed but heard nothing in answer yet.

I thought that this type of incident in your town can bring nothing but bad feeling and that you might like to know about it.

David Noble

Borrowdale Road