Letters: Concerns over Sneaton Castle development

Potash planning meeting at Sneaton Castle, Whitby.
Potash planning meeting at Sneaton Castle, Whitby.

Surprise, surprise.

The Sisters are selling off Sneaton Castle. That is certainly no surprise.

For sure the present spread of houses will eventually end up towards Victoria Garden Centre, I think.

Would someone in Scarborough Council Planning like to come and listen up near the development early in the morning and listen to the noise of the builders etc going on.

Are they not supposed to start at 8am?

Another great worry is where are all the people who live in them when they are eventually built going to work? Or are they just going to be holiday homes?

The whole issue of housing development is a concern, and what about the massive water tank being built at the top of Castle Road?

Barry Foster

Manor Cottages

High Stakesby