Letter: Whitby roads problem still remains

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I am writing to you about the Park and Ride. All new the system has done is move the problem further out of town.

All it has done is make summer life for the residents of Whitby West side absolutely miserable.

The roads are in need of resurfacing to a standard that will stand up to the heavy vehicles now travelling down Castle Road.

Today they were patching the road on Love Lane - the council’s quick fix again (which is probably the reason the shelters blew down because they were being held together with paint and should’ve been protected against the weather).

The shelters were in the worst place for damage from the weather.

The borough council has yet again ruined a beautiful part of Whitby with traffic backing up Love Lane and Castle Road in summer.

Residents waited until winter for a respite from the traffic. Noise from the tourists that visit our town has increased.

Now we have our TV turned up to 60 and you would of thought we were in the blitz – that’s what the traffic sounds like – you could still hear it.

When the borough council decision-makers (the Gods who decide our town’s fate) came on a jolly up to inspect the site of the planned development at Sneaton Castle, they said that Castle Road was a very quiet road and could easily take the extra buildings, traffic and people it would create.

Not to mention the pressure on the doctors, dentists and schools.

I have complained and complained to not just one councillor but a few, and have got no satisfaction.

It’s my own fault for trusting and voting for them.

Jennifer Brown

Castle Road, Whitby