Letter: Whitby loos are a disgrace

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Email your letters to: editorial@whitbygazette.co.uk

I am writing to say what a disgrace the Market Square toilets are, they are absolutely unhealthy.

People are going in and leaving dirty toilet paper on the floor, bottles are left thrown down, dirty sanitary towels are also left on the floor.

When I was coming out last week, there was a toilet cleaner from the council just going. I had a word with him, I felt so sorry for him, it was disgusting and unhealthy for him to have to clean.

People just have no respect and don’t appreciate how lucky they are, but I bet their own homes are not left like this.

Could I just say while I am writing about toilets that by the side of these toilets, there is often a stream of very unhealthy water which smells awful and looks awful.

It would never pass health and hygiene rules, no way.

This has been going on for a long time, it’s not just a one-off.

Something must be done. It is breath-taking.

Jean Thornton

Church Street, Whitby