Letter: Whitby left out of ambition for health

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Email your letters to: editorial@whitbygazette.co.uk

Re: the article in last week’s Whitby Gazette on Scarborough Borough Council’s war on obesity.

The Commons Health Committee in a report on public health has urged ministers to stipulate that health should be a material consideration in both planning and licensing law.

Scarborough Borough Council’s response appears to declare war on takeaways in a bid to win the borough’s battle with obesity but should the report also read:

This does not apply to Whitby as we (SBC) have:

1. Left Whitby out of the SBC’s proposed “Ambition for Health” for the borough and surrounding areas.

2. We (SBC) appear to be determined to do everything possible in Whitby to generate an income from harbour land that we recently opened more fast food kiosks on Pier Road, spoiling the view in a key conservation area, and causing chaos on the pavements, never mind the health issues here then!

3. Are likely to give approval for the TIC to be converted into another restaurant with outside seating, in a building listed as an “asset of community value” using the only open space in an area often used for events, already surrounded by many other restaurants and cafes.

4. Do not appear to consider the Licensing Cumulative Impact Order in Whitby when approving licenses.

Can SBC and our Whitby borough councillors please explain what is being done to consider the health and welfare of the people of Whitby, not only from takeaways, but also from the issuing of excessive numbers of alcohol licences in Whitby, and the increased vehicle fumes generated by this extra business around the harbour?

Joyce Stangoe

St Andrew’s Road, Whitby