Letter: Whitby Hospital staff are wonderful

stock exterior shot of whitby hospital
stock exterior shot of whitby hospital

Hope you don’t mind but we want to use every avenue possible to praise the wonderful staff at Whitby Hospital.

When my dad was admitted to Abbey ward in December we were preparing for the worst, he was giving up and letting his cancer win.

Thanks to the truly outstanding care he received, the compassion and attention we all received, not only did we have a most memorable and wonderful Christmas on the ward but we now have a gift we never thought possible – my dad is home again.

He will not win the fight yet - these amazing men and women, nurses, domestics, doctors, every single member of staff gave him inspiration, gave him time, gave him his fight back!

With all my heart I want to say thank you. We all want to say thank you. Words don’t seem enough.

Whitby Hospital is so important. Its future is something that needs protecting.

Without it, and those that work there, I would not have my dad right now.

The staff might not think what they did was special, just another day, but to us everything they did was.

Thank you.

Connie Peach

Newholm, Whitby