Letter: Waste charge a back door tax hike

Regarding the garden waste collection charges – I would like to make the following points.

It as an anomaly to say that non-gardeners’ properties subsidise properties with gardens.

Council tax ratings were based on the size of the property, each home paying the correct council tax, ie. no extra element for collecting garden waste.

If it is the case that properties with gardens should have extra charge included, those without gardens should get a reduction.

The charge appears to increase the council tax by the back door for people who have gardens.

Myself and some neighbours take a dim view of this. It is in effect reducing my state pension by £38 a year and it feels like we pensioners have not been considered, even though we keep our gardens in good order.

Perhaps some of the councillors in favour of the charge could donate some of their exorbitant attendance fees... some hope of that.

W Clark

Spring Close