Letter: Waiting to see credibility of council elite

Whitby's Tourist Information Centre
Whitby's Tourist Information Centre

We have seen in the last week how the political elite can get caught with their trousers down as they want the electorate to vote one way and expect them to fall in line.

However, as we have now seen people are becoming more independent and starting to think for themselves.

Closer to home, the borough council decided to overturn the outcry by the local community with regard to the closure of the Tourist Information Centre, they then went against the recommendation of their own scrutiny committee and continued with the closure/leasing of the Tourist Information Centre.

We are told that the centre will close and be moved up the road behind a wall in the car park next to the marina, it will have a minimal staffing level.

With the example in mind of how the borough council failed to update the main notice boards in the bus station for six months, you have to question if the borough council has got a credible plan in place to provide visitors with the information they require.

Peter Croft

Sandpiper House