Letter: Time for Pier Road to be pedestrianised?

Pier Road in Whitby - on a busy regatta Monday!
Pier Road in Whitby - on a busy regatta Monday!

I love Whitby. The people, the food, the town.

What I don’t like is the lack of public facilities.

The lack of public toilets is a scandal.

The councils have created a totally successful holiday destination but once the visitors arrive their access to basic human comforts are very poor.

The new on-street selling kiosks I feel are a logistical mistake.

These have narrowed the footpaths considerably and the danger is very apparent.

With the uplift in visitor numbers, an accident is just waiting to happen.

Bigger numbers, narrower footpaths.

I have also recently noticed the number of dogs, especially small ones either on leads, in arms or (Lord save us) in pushchairs.

This is our 30th year of being semi-resident here. Is it about time that the road was pedestrianised with the exception of deliveries in certain hours?

George Evans
Rigg Farm