Letter: TIC closure ‘very short-sighted’

Whitby Tourist Information Centre''w130318a
Whitby Tourist Information Centre''w130318a

My brother-in-law, who lives near Whitby, sent me the cutting regarding the proposed closure of the Whitby Tourist Information Centre - with possibly a fast food chain taking over the premises.

I live in Worcestershire and our district council, I am glad to say, is not as short-sighted as in Whitby.

To make the decision just before Christmas seems totally unjustified.

Whitby must have a tourist office, and I hardly think electronic boards and a phone line will satisfy the many visitors to the town, especially the elderly.

It is probably a done deal, but the decision makers in this ridiculous fiasco must take a long hard look at themselves and make the decision to keep the Whitby Tourist Information Centre in its rightful place.

John Morrell