Letter: Thief stole our messy car seat

We are writing to ask if any of your readers can shed light on the mysterious disappearance of our car seat – a bizarre crime.

Early on Thursday October 22, the rear seat of our car had been removed by us for cleaning, following an accident with a picnic.

It was stored safely – we thought – for 10 minutes while equipment was being sorted out.

On returning to the front courtyard of our house the seat had disappeared.

We cannot imagine what use a single (and rather smelly) car seat has to anyone but its owner… sadly it leaves us with a lonely gap in the car where a seat should be, unable to offer friends a lift and unable to keep our dog safely penned in on journeys.

On a more serious note, if someone is around taking the opportunity to remove anything in a front yard which is not nailed down, we all need to be vigilant, so fellow Gazette readers, please take care of your property. Don’t be like us, left without a leg to stand on or a seat to sit on!

Martin and Alison Ashburner

Ruswarp Lane,