Letter: Stretch of path essential

The Whitby to Scarborough Cinder Track.  Picture: Scott Wicking.
The Whitby to Scarborough Cinder Track. Picture: Scott Wicking.

As a local birdwatcher, I would like to add my objection to any alteration to the cinder path, especially the area between Hawsker and Robin Hood’s Bay.

This area is vitally important to migrant birds during the winter months.

These birds, which are mainly blackbirds, redwings, fieldfares have an arduous journey, are tired and hungry, so the shelter and food from the many berry-bearing bushes alongside the track are ideal conditions for them.

Then during the spring the same applies to the migrants then, such as warblers, willow warbler, chifchaff, whitethroat, redstart and our smallest bird the goldcrest.

This area is also one of the very few places where there is a stronghold of yellowhammers, which are endangered and in decline.

All the time we seem to be losing areas of bird habitats, and it would be criminal to see this one lost, so instead of exploiting the track Scarborough Borough Council should set an example and leave it well alone, or even promote it as an area of special interest to birds.

David Richardson

Waterstead Lane