Letter: Say farewell to Whitby TIC!

Whitby TIC - closing soon
Whitby TIC - closing soon

How many Whitby residents realise that, on Sunday 2 October, the town’s very popular and successful Tourist Information Centre on Dock End will close?

The Customer First desk will also be re-located to the Job Centre.

The TIC is located on the most convenient and high profile site in the town – a very tempting asset for Scarborough Borough Council to move on to the highest bidder!

SBC have decided that yet another restaurant – granted a high class one – is needed more than a spacious information and visitor centre for one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK.

The new restaurant owners also want to have a four metre wide band of outside seating spreading into the Dock End public space.

A dedicated local group approached SBC earlier this year with an excellent proposal, involving other local tourism groups, to take over the centre and pay a market rent.

Neither SBC officers nor councillors were prepared to meet to discuss this option.

The new TIC will be relocated in the Harbour Office behind a wall and accessed through the entrance to the busy car park on Endeavour Wharf.

I assume that SBC will put plenty of signage on the present building to re-direct our many visitors to the new location and also have high profile signage at the car park entrance.

I’m calling on as many Whitby people as possible to gather to celebrate the success of our town and to thank the excellent staff who have worked so hard to inform and serve the 500,000+ visitors who visited the centre each year for many years.

We can also mourn the loss our perfectly located TIC which has provided such a great service for so long.

I suggest we assemble at the centre at 10.30am on Saturday 1 October to say farewell to our iconic TIC building and to make it very clear to SBC councillors, directors and officers how strongly we feel about this hasty decision, taken with so little consultation, to close the Whitby TIC on Dock End.

Sandra Smith

Esk Terrace