Letter: Ruswarp street dug up again

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It would appear that the gas board have found part of a Saxon hoard in Ruswarp when they last closed the traffic off to dig up the street.

As I can think of no other explanation why they would be doing the same thing again on my count four times in four years and are now about to look for the rest of it?

It surely can’t be down to the fact that their inefficient workmen haven’t done the job properly again and so have to dig up what they were supposed to do last time and fix it properly?

One wonders if perhaps they are indeed looking for the rest of the hoard they didn’t find last time, or is it that they are addicted to the pork pies and sandwiches in Jacksons butchers shop that keeps them coming back?

Perhaps if they brought in a bunch of archeologists they could fix the gas main for them, as they seem incapable of doing the job in one go without creating mayhem by blocking off the road once a year.

Are we to be treated to the spectacle of trenches surrounded by yellow plastic fences with nobody working in them for weeks on end as a as a regular yearly event?

Thank God I live on the other side of the river with no gas so I don’t have to pay for this ridiculous performance.

Chris Dalquen

Sneaton Lane, Ruswarp