Letter: Red warning for seagulls!

Seagull - picture by Richard Ponter.
Seagull - picture by Richard Ponter.

As you are all aware, the borough and other areas have been making noises about seagull attacks and the mess created.

I would like to make a suggestion about helping to alleviate the seagull problem.

Almost all fish and chip suppliers hand out all their produce in boxes of one type or another.

As all these boxes are printed it would not cost a great deal more for the boxes to be printed in red on the inside of the lid stating that it is an offence to feed the gulls and a fine is possible.

If the warning is printed on the inside of the lid members of the public cannot deny knowing about it.

Other forms of warnings and posters do not seem to make much effect but this could be the answer.

This measure can be done at no cost to the borough.

John Halton
Byland Court, Whitby