Letter: ‘Not one vestige of humility, contrition or apology’

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I watched, with appalled fascination, the Scarborough Borough Council meeting held to consider a vote of No confidence in the leader and cabinet.

How is it possible that the leader and cabinet members were each given a ‘special dispensation’ to speak and vote at the meeting?

Yet each receives an allowance, courtesy of the rate-payers.

Town or parish councillors receive no such allowance. They work for free.

But they are not allowed to be present, let alone to have a vote on any matter where they stand to benefit financially.

But the Scarborough Council meeting, in effect, allowed the people in the dock to vote, alongside the people on the jury. During all my years in business I have never witnessed anything like this.

The Environment Agency is asking why the borough council has not yet used the £4.8m grant offered five years ago, for urgently needed repairs to the main Whitby piers.

If Scarborough Borough Council were to lose this grant because of their delays, it would be a disaster for the town of Whitby.

As I watched the borough council leader and cabinet on the webcam I did not see one vestige of humility, contrition or apology.

All I saw was posturing defiance, arrogance and vindictiveness.

They made no attempt to defend their own record, instead they just launched personal attacks on the councillor who dared to question their competence.

The public gallery was ordered to be cleared because the public had the temerity to give a round of applause to a speaker, not once but twice.

Scarborough Borough Council has spawned an unfortunate culture problem.

The vote of No confidence was defeated by 25 votes to 19 – but only because those eight in the dock were allowed to vote to keep themselves in their jobs.

Call that democracy?

Vin McLaughlan

Egton Bridge