Letter: No toilets? No caretaker!

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Email your letters to us!

Firstly a word of warning to all the villages that Scarborough Borough Council are trying to either close your toilets or persuade you to look after them yourselves.

If you allow your public toilets to be closed as we did in Hinderwell, then you lose your caretaker/road sweeper person.

We have no-one in Hinderwell who keeps the village tidy, sweeps the roads or pavements, or empties the litter bins.

When I asked why this was when other surrounding villages had somebody I was told that if you lose your public toilet, then you lose your caretaker person.

Do we really want people going to the toilet in lay-bys, over hedges or in bus shelters?

How are visitors, walkers or even people in cars supposed to cope? It’s a long walk on the Cleveland Way from Saltburn to Whitby without a public toilet.

The councillors and officers who close the toilets should try walking it one day.

K Davidson

High Street