Letter: New Whitby restaurant must think outside the box

Whitby TIC - soon home to a new restaurant
Whitby TIC - soon home to a new restaurant

I would like to follow on from the excellent letter in last week’s Whitby Gazette from John McEachen regarding the possibility of a restaurant taking over the Tourist Information Centre in Whitby with an outside dining facility at Dock End.

Could I suggest that maybe the new restaurant owners could think positively outside the box regarding their marketing strategy, and that they promote their facility as ‘an exciting new concept in outdoor interactive and sensory dining experience’:

“Breathe in deeply the special tangy harbour smells at low tide mixed with the whiff of methane gas from Whitby’s main sewage tanks below; be sure to shout loudly and try to lip-read over the roar of passing traffic; duck as the gulls dive-bomb your table and steal tasty morsels from your plate; watch how efficiently and quickly the waitresses wipe from your table and chair the gull droppings mixed with the dust from the adjacent building site; enjoy the crowds bustling and interacting closely around your table during Folk Week, Regatta and Goth celebrations, and please don’t forget to stand silently whilst you eat during the adjacent War Memorial events.”

It could be a winner.

On the other hand...

Colin Pyrah

Beck Hole, Whitby