Letter: New retail sites would be good for Whitby

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Having worked in the supermarket business in South Africa for 20 years with 49 stores to manage, I support the possible introduction of both a Marks & Spencer Food Hall and Aldi. It is important that the town and its visitors, together with the Whitby public, have a choice of both store and product.

I have been able to view some of the people’s comments on Facebook, ie too expensive seems to be a popular argument for not having M&S and Aldi is cheaper.

On a scale of 1 to 10, price comes way down the scale at 8/9.

People base their choice of supermarkets on range and quality.

Price is long forgotten, but quality is long remembered.

Both Marks & Spencer and Aldi will complement the two major supermarkets that exist already, together with the Co-op.

My wife and I travel to find the best choice of food possible to Scarborough, Guisborough and Stokesley every weekend to do our weekly shopping – and so do a whole host of Whitby public.

Robert Hodge