Letter: Let’s protect our heritage

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After the first winter storm of the season, we all awoke to assess the damage.

Friends of ours had a part of their roof blown away, someone else had a window cracked due to the sheer force of the wind.

All of these problems and damage were quickly and efficiently rectified by local tradesmen, thus preventing any further loss or damage to property and possessions.

When you own a building or a car you have to maintain it to prevent breakdown, or reduce general wear and tear.

Looking at the bigger picture, the town suffered losses on the North Prom with the demolition of two seating chalets and damage to the third.

It will be interesting to note the length of time it takes to repair or even replace the two which are no longer in existence.

I would urge people to contact their local councillors and press for action.

The reason I write this letter is to highlight the following: The town lost the old whale bones (these are now languishing in a field somewhere), Scoresby’s mast was damaged and never replaced, the old ship’s mast near to the Captain Cook monument was removed not be replaced and the ship on the top lost.

We have a lighthouse which no-one can enter anymore as it is unsafe... Dare I mention the piers!

Come on Whitby, don’t let the little things that make us unique disappear, it’s our heritage and we need to stand up for it.

Peter Croft

Sandpiper Guesthouse