Letter: Hard work pays off over Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall

Re the article ‘Action to Save our Landmark’ (Gazette, September 30).

I was delighted to read that, at last, the hard work and persistence of Cllrs Barnett and Freeman has achieved a positive result, despite the usual intransigence of Scarborough Borough Council.

There is hope for the Old Town Hall.

Cllr Barnett has been given assurance that work will start in November.

Unfortunately, here in Whitby, we are used to Scarborough Borough Council’s empty promises: restoration of the piers, shelters - the list goes on and on.

The borough council’s track record, as far as Whitby is concerned, is one of a great many words, lots of platitudes and very little action.

Heather Relf

Esk Terrace