Letter from a disappointed tourist

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I have just come back from a week’s stay in Whitby, which I really enjoyed.

During the daytime everything is normal but when it goes dark Whitby changes. On our first Saturday night it was like a nightmare, yobs lighting in the street, trail bikes riding around town as if it is a grand prix track? Then the jobs started cruising the streets in their cars with their CD up as loud as possible and big ?????? exhausts, blowing out so much noise you can hardly hear the telly. What has happened to the police in Whitby?

In the short time I was there I saw one PCSO and I did see two police officers in the paper shop, but this was daytime. Do the police in Whitby know more about Dracula than meets the eye? Not to come out after dark? Or have the government cuts already started?

I just hope that the people get a grip on these jobs before Whitby is a no-go area.

Mr SC Stanford, Manor Lane, Halesowen, West Midlands