Letter: Do not forget heritage of St Hilda

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I an writing to put my thoughts (and various other peoples’ with whom I have discussed the subject) into words about the Goth weekend.

The Goth weekends have long been extremely successful events for Whitby and hugely beneficial to the towns economy.

The Abbey has been on the headland since approx 500-600 AD and a tremendous place of Christian spirituality for all that time.

It is a sacred place and most holy, due to the presence of Saint Hilda, prioress of this place, whose memory we celebrate at this time of the year when many are playing out the relatively recent “stories” of Dracule and Hallowe’en.

Christian holiness and the sacred status of Whitby has been with us and a major part of our heritage for almost 2,000 years and this is very important to bear in mind, especially when planning events which are, most certainly, not Christian.

The Dracula story and its accompanying “fringe-like” events and paraphernalia are relatively recent ... and is only a story.

Do not forget the real, true and wonderful heritage of Saint Hilda and all the truly inspirational mystery and spirituality of this very sacred site so close to us.

Angela Pattinson