Letter: Council must reconsider closure plan

I wish to voice my strong concern for the potential closure of the Whitby Tourist Information Centre.

Whitby is at the peak of popularity with visitors to Whitby and the beautiful surrounding villages.

It is the hub for visitors to get their information about Whitby and it’s wonderful attractions, hotels, guesthouses and restaurants.

The locality of the TIC is very close to the drop-off point for almost all of the coaches and car parks in the town.

As a guesthouse proprietor I am at a loss as to why this valuable asset to the to the town could even be considered to be axed.

The hospitality our wonderful town offers to visors from other parts of the British Isles as well as from Europe and further afield is enhanced by the great service the staff at the Tourist Information Centre offers. One would have to travel many miles to find somewhere which offers the history, legends, beaches and attractions Whitby has to offer.

Service to the many tens of thousands of visitors cannot be replaced screens and internet alone.

Losing the human contact and hospitality offered to all our visitors at the TIC is a very worrying retrograde step.

Alison Thomson

Bagdale, Whitby