Letter: Council has lost plot in cutting key service

Whitby Tourist Information Centre''w130318a
Whitby Tourist Information Centre''w130318a

To those in authority at Scarborough Borough Council – I don’t know who you are or what planet you are living on – but I respectfully want you to know that you have completely lost the plot if the plans to close the Tourist Information Office in Whitby are true.

The savings made must be peanuts but the impact on locals and visitors will be tremendous.

Information boards eh? Well how will that work and how much would that cost to set up, plus the cost implications of phone lines for the constant stream of inquiries.

If you’ve ever tried to phone the tax people of HMRC you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

For those such as myself who live on the fringes of SBC, diligently pay their council tax, and in return receive rubbish collection once a fortnight (if we’re lucky) and have one street light are you seriously saying that if we need to renew our bus passes we have to take a 60-mile round trip to some office in Scarborough to do so? What absolute madness.

Just for once can’t this shambolic council think about the people of Whitby and surrounding area and come up with other ways of saving money without constantly chipping away at the glorious success of Whitby and it’s enterprising people?

Louise Graydon

Port Mulgrave