Letter: Charity thanks

This is our eighth annual appeal from Whitby to support the children of the Ukraine and their families as a result of the nuclear explosion 30 years ago in April.

Since we got involved many wonderful things have happened.

Alan and Pauline who come to Whitby three times a year had put so much time, love and effort into making life easier for the victims of the explosion and without the extremely generous support from local people a lot of the improvements wouldn’t have happened.

About 40 ladies knit beautiful children’s clothes, cake makers and friends and family who help at the coffee mornings which I hope will be held in June this year.

Whitby Co-operative continue to kindly support us with banana boxes.

Last year we raised £1,500 from one coffee morning. One at Carol Holmes house, one by the ladies of Newholme and another at Mulgrave Road.

Alan always drives the first convoy, all the vans have CB radios to keep in touch.

They were driving through Poland and at night with no street lights or road lights.

The second van driver told Alan that sparks were flashing from under his van.

They stopped and went to investigate and apart from the sparks discovered a very low fence protecting a 20ft drop from a hole in the road.

Alan later phoned me and said that they had had a ‘God moment’.

If you would like to donate to this charity please make an online donation to www.justgiving.com/felstedaid

Brenda Simpson

Mulgrave Road Whitby