Letter: Cause of cracks 'misleading'

Sandsend beach
Sandsend beach

I am not one normally to write in, but I feel that I must comment on last week’s Gazette headline ‘Coastal defences cracking already’.s

I am a Whitby resident and have taken a very keen interest in the building of the new defences, following it since its initial start, through to completion.

To state that this damage has been caused by “heavy rain” is totally untrue and misleading.

Many months ago, myself and others who have followed this project, noticed that there was damage to a considerable number of the step sections along the entire length, after having been laid.

This I can only assume has been caused by the contractor, when they were installed, after installation and during the final completion of the sea defences, by works machinery.

I cannot prove this, but as mentioned above, I did watch various sections being installed and did notice after installation, that edges on the steps were cracked, broken off, exposing the plastic fibres below.

As the project went on, more and more sections were noticed with the same type of damage.

I cannot believe that this work was accepted as fit for purpose by the relevant official council persons, who ever they may be.

I am disgusted that more interest was not taken by the council officials involved during the ongoing works, who, if they had taken more interest would have noticed this damage to the step sections themselves, taken this up with the contractor at the time, before handing over.

They also would have known that it was not the heavy rain which caused this and would be aware of this, before your dramatic front page statement.

Dave Brown

Beacon Way, Sneaton