Letter: Call to town hall for Whitby action

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Over the past few years, I have followed with great interest the debates that have taken place between members of our community over the way that it is perceived we are treated by a council that, by its geographical borders, is possibly too large to be efficient and effective.

Recent developments within the town of Scarborough funded by the rate payers throughout the whole borough have certainly not helped our relationship with the town hall.

Coupled with our desire to maintain the stewardship of the heritage that is so important to the future of Whitby, it has actually led some very talented local people to the brink of despair, even to the point of legal actions which have had catastrophic consequences for those involved.

There are many people in the town who advocate that Whitby should be a stand alone authority.

I would dearly love to see that happen, but being a realist I am cognisant of the fact that for many reasons, mainly financial, this is not going to happen.

One way of making Scarborough Borough Council listen and understand the frustrations is for them to send a delegation to the meetings of our town council to listen to the debates that take place, and for our councillors on Scarborough Borough Council to be more visible within the town.

When was the last time a Whitby-based Scarborough Borough Council councillor held a public meeting to allow the citizens of this town to voice their opinions and to give these councillors a clearer picture into what the concerns are before they vote?

They are, after all, elected by the people of this town, who must hold them to account at the ballot box if they do not listen to us the people of this town, who deserve to be treated without contempt.

I would therefore implore Scarborough Borough Council, and its councillors from the Whitby area to be more proactive in its dealings with the people of Whitby.

Let us see a big improvement in 2017.

Local elections are only just round the corner - let us judge them by their actions.

Roger Reed

Southlands Avenue