Letter: Caedmon College students have their say

Caedmon College Whitby. Year 7 students using Chrome Books for primary reference. w1453a . Pic: Scott Wicking.
Caedmon College Whitby. Year 7 students using Chrome Books for primary reference. w1453a . Pic: Scott Wicking.

Re criticisms and observations regarding the future of education in Whitby and the role of Caedmon College in particular.

My time at Caedmon College Whitby has been, without a doubt, unforgettable.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of the school – from my success at GCSE to my current progress with A Levels, I know that when I look back on my time here, I will look back fondly.

My teachers are some of the most passionate and inspiring people I have met – I know that when I approach them with ideas or concerns, my voice will be heard...and not only heard, but valued.

An example of this came up recently when my friends and I suggested that Caedmon College Whitby should have a Philosophy and Debating Club – our teacher immediately jumped on board with the idea, which I think reflects something very special about the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the school.

I find it upsetting as a pupil to read many false claims and negative comments about my school which have surfaced recently, but ultimately I know that this unfair portrayal will be outshone by the hard-working and passionate ethos of pupils and staff alike.

As a student who has been to both Eskdale and Caedmon College Whitby I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences in both schools.

I am currently halfway through my A Level studies after achieving grades that I am extremely proud of in my GCSEs and I feel I am now thriving in the vibrant environment that a more in depth, A Level study of subjects creates.

We are encouraged to do independent research on topics we enjoy, and the passion of the teachers for their subjects is evident.

This contributes to my enjoyment of my lessons because their enthusiasm is infectious and they always offer their support to all students.

Alongside this, I feel privileged to be in a school that offers so many amazing extracurricular activities that are geared towards enriching our school experience whilst simultaneously preparing us for the next step in our education.

I have recently completed my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards and I am working towards my Gold.

All students are encouraged to partake in this program and I am so grateful I decided to as I really value the experiences I had completing the courses and I have learnt so many transferable skills that I can take on to the next step in my life. One thing is to be said about the college, above all else, it is nearby.

The put-downs and conflicts against a school regularly called ‘good’ are simply obstructive, and get in the way of the school’s educational and financial progress.

As a 6th form student, my literally only other option for education would be to bus out over the moors, and to Scarborough, every single day, which (Lord forbid) would result in well over an hour and a half round trip every day.

The constant shade thrown at the college has little to no truth to it, and exists only to hinder the progress being made.

If the organisation is thrown under a bus once more, then that could result in the 6th form shutting, and a sinfully long drive each and every day, which is bad for students, bad for the environment, and bad for pretty much everyone.

This would have an overwhelmingly negative social, emotional and environmental impact on the students and surrounding area, so the criticism of the college needs to be kept short, unbiased, and most of all, true!

Heather Mesley

Ellie Dyer-Brown

Alfie Edwards

All Caedmon College Whitby